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Hot WATER HEATERS From South Jordan, Utah Plumbing Contractor

Water Heaters by AO Smith installed by expert Plumbers in South Jordan UtahRG Plumbing Inc., based out of South Jordan, serving the entire Salt Lake City valley area, is one of the most respected plumbing companies in the area. Homeowners turn to us regularly when seeking help with a faulty water heater. If you’re struggling to get a hot shower, consult with Rick and Dan at this revered Utah Company with 30 years of experience serving the community.

When The Warm Shower Disappears, So Does Your Happiness in Salt Lake City

It can be a rough welcome to the day when you realize that your shower has lost its ability to provide that soothing warm water that you’re used to. In the Salt Lake City area, where temperatures are often below freezing in the winter time, a water heater that doesn’t work properly can cause a miserable experience for your whole family. It can mean the difference between a happy day and a dismal one.

Time for a Quick and Convenient Water Heater Repair or Replacement Now!

If you own a water heater that has stopped working properly and needs repair or replacement, don’t procrastinate your happiness. Life is too short to wait weeks or months to buy a new water heater to get that warm shower. The cost may not be as awful as you expect. And working with a plumbing company like RG Plumbing Inc. that specializes in water heater installation means that the project will be done quickly, conveniently, and at a competitive price.

Water Heater Considerations for Big South Jordan Homes

Many homeowners in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, especially here in South Jordan, have comparably larger homes than in other cities in the country, with furnished basements and as many as 5 bathrooms or more. When you have a large home like this there are a few water heater issues to think about.

The Number of Bathrooms

The first thing you want to consider when you have a big house is that one water heater is unlikely to cut it. One 40 gallon water heater will fill one normal size bathtub.  It takes 40 minutes to reheat enough water for another bathtub. If you’ve got 4 or 5 bathrooms, with a large family, and lots of baths and showers going on at one time, you’re going to run out of hot water pretty quickly.

Bathtub Size

The other consideration to think about is the size of your bathtubs. Some big bathtubs take 90 to 100 gallons of water. One water heater isn’t enough to fill one of those tubs.

Twin Water Heaters for Large Homes

Water typically come in 40 and 50-gallon sizes. We typically recommend to owners of BIG homes to install two 50 gallon water heaters. There’s no sense in having 5 bathrooms that constantly run out of hot water.

Many of Our Clients Are Choosing Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Expanion Tanks with Water Heaters by Local Plumber in South JordanThe hot trend in water heater replacement is purchasing an energy efficient option. Over time this option can save you money on your energy bills, as well as make you feel like you’re helping contribute positively in helping with the global energy crisis. In May it became mandatory that all water heaters sold by manufacturers have a new standard of .62 energy efficiency. This was achieved through adding more insulation in the tank.

Regular energy efficient water heaters shouldn’t be confused with tank-less water heaters, which we don’t typically recommend in the Salt Lake City area because of the type of water we have and the size of homes that are common.

Brands of Water Heaters We Trust

Our personal preference of brand of water heater is A.O. Smith. In our opinion, they have the very best options on the market. A close second is Bradford White, which we often recommend in specific situations.

Consider an Expansion Tank

More and more we’re installing expansion tanks with water heaters in our clients’ homes. They are mandatory in Salt Lake City. We recommend them to all of our clients as they will help your entire water heater system run longer. Manufacturer’s ask that you use them.

Recirculation Pump - Utah Local Plumbing - Large South Jordan HomesExpansion tanks manage the expansion and contraction of the water system so that your water heaters don’t have to do this. In the past, domestic plumbing systems often contained more air than is currently seen. The trapped air acted as a crude expansion tank. If you have a new state of the art water heater it’s going to function much more efficiently with an expansion tank.

Recirculation Pumps for Big Utah Homes

If you own a large home, the distance between your water heater and some bathrooms and water faucets can decrease the time that it takes receive hot water in that room. It can take minutes to receive hot water in a large home without a recirculation pump. This handy add-on sends hot water to your far away bedrooms within seconds, making your home plumbing system more ideal.

If you have a large home and it’s taking too long to get warm water where you want it, contact us at RG Plumbing Inc. and see if a recirculation pump will work in your house. Getting warm water to wash your hands when you want it shouldn’t be an extravagance in a luxury home.

Contact a Master Plumber in South Jordan, Utah NOW, and Get Your Water Heater and Happiness Back TODAY!

If you’re suffering from a lack of a properly functional hot water heater here in Utah, now is the time to get this basic utility back. You won’t ever regret having a great water heating system. And like many of our clients, you’ll find that it’s a great pleasure working with a professional plumbing service like South Jordan’s RG Plumbing Inc. Find out what all of the buzz is about by CALLING US today!