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Home Installation Project on Herriman Hillside Requires Premier Plumbing

Herriman master bathroom contains a 7 foot clawfoot tub with a brick wall behind it and a valve for filling tub.

Herriman master bathroom contains a 7 foot clawfoot tub with a brick wall behind it and a valve for filling tub.

Building a four-story luxury home on a hill comes with lots of construction challenges. Some of the biggest difficulties came for the plumbing contractor. RG Plumbing Inc. was hired to creatively construct a number of state-of-the-art plumbing installations for this Herriman, Utah home. This was not the type of residential project that one would hire a run-of-the-mill local plumber for. Rick and his team had to rely on their three decades of experience for this high-end project, producing highly custom results.

Parade of Homes Quality Herriman House

Initially this giant house in the southern section of the valley was going to be a part of Salt Lake City’s Parade of Homes, the large annual local construction exhibition. This four-story home stood on a steep hillside. The ambitious project featured a full-size basketball court and movie theater. As a consequence, construction delays prevented it from being featured in the exhibition.

As one can see, some of the biggest challenges came to the plumbing team, headed by Rick Gord at RG Plumbing Inc. When all was completed, these homeowners were glad that they worked with plumbing contractors as experienced and specialized as Rick and Dan.

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PLUMBING Installation – **Herriman, Utah** Home

Sewage Ejector Required for Difficult Hillside Home Position

“That house is so far down the hill, the top three floors were going out the sewer. The very bottom floor, where the theater was . . . — all of that sewer had to go into a pump.”

-Rick Gord

A sewage ejector is needed when you have a floor in the residence that can’t connect to the sewer line.

Normally all of the floors in a home will feed into the main sewer line for the city. But given the fact that this home sat precariously on a hill, only the top three floors could access the sewer. The bottom floor, which housed the basketball court and movie theater required a more creative plumbing solution.

Rick installed a sewage ejector, or what’s commonly referred to as a sump pump, in the bottom floor of the home. All of the sewage from the bottom floor was funneled into a pump about the size of a 55-gallon drum. Inside the pump there’s a float. When it fills up, the float turns it on, and the sewage is run up a series of pipes to the floor above, where it can flow into the sewer line.

This system allows a drinking fountain in the basketball court, a full bathroom, a sink for the theater room, and a floor drain for the condensation for the heater to function properly on the bottom floor.

Marvelous Kitchen Features Wall Mounted Pot Filler and One Full Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Herriman home kitchen offers a wall mounted pot filler for easy filling of pots on the range.

This beautiful kitchen has a gas freestanding range, over which is installed a wall mounted pot filler. This is becoming a very popular addition for luxury kitchens. Rather than filling a large stockpot at the sink and then carrying it over to the stove, you simply place the empty pot on the range and fill it with water there.

While adding an old-world charm, these fixtures, which were common a century ago, are not your great grandmothers pot fillers. They swing out with great flexibility, wherever you need to fill different units. They can be set up with hot or cold water, but not both.

This large kitchen also contains an island sink with a pullout Delta faucet. Next to the faucet is a soap dispenser and an air switch to run the garbage disposal. Below the sink you can see the full, one horsepower garbage disposal, which is strong enough to place corncobs down.

There’s also an auto vent that prevented the plumbing team from having to run drainage over to a wall to vent it out.

Master Bathroom Suite

In this luxury kitchen stands an island sink with a Delta pullout faucet.

In the bay of the master bathroom suite stands a 7 foot clawfoot tub. Behind it is a brick wall, built with a shelf with a valve on top for filling the tub. This shelf also stands decoratively behind the tub, allowing for placement of plants and other display items.

There are two sink setups in the master bathroom. Each has an 8 inch Moen faucet, mounted on an under mounted China sink.

The master shower in this house has two valve setups. One is a handheld option that can mount on a slide bar. You can set the shower at different heights that you may want. The unit has four functions.

There is another valve with a shower head that is higher for a taller user. This head isn’t handheld.

In the shower is a beautiful tile bench that one can sit on. One can also put their foot on it to shave their legs.

Also installed in this bathroom is a state-of-the-art Avalanche toilet by Gerber. It’s a comfort height, which means that it’s two inches taller and two inches longer than the average toilet seat. RG Plumbing Inc. installed slow close seat, which means that you don’t have to touch the seat to close it when you’re done using it. It will do it automatically. This is one of the very best toilets offered by one of the very best toilet manufacturers.

Powder Bathroom with Antique Dresser Conversion

A new and exciting trend we’re seeing in high-end luxury homes is the incorporation of antique furniture into plumbing fixtures. In this case, the homeowner found a beautiful antique dresser, which we converted, installing underneath the 8-inch lab set and under mount China sink. Normally the drawers wouldn’t be able to function in this kind of setup, but there was room to allow the bottom drawer to work.

This antique conversion creates a unique ambiance in the powder bathroom, a great space for guests that want to freshen up while visiting their home.

Delta Faucet Pullout in Laundry Room

Another common trend that we’re seeing is the installation of sinks and faucets in laundry rooms. When one considers the practical advantages of being able to rinse of stains and dirty laundry prior to washing, one can imagine why this application is proving so valuable to homeowners. In this home we installed a Delta faucet pullout.

Upstairs Laundry Closet

Upstairs in this house RG Plumbing Inc. installed a recessed washer box for the hot and cold water, to the left of the doorway, rather than in the back of the closet. This is helpful when you’ve got a stackable washer and dryer. You don’t have to pull the appliances out to turn the water on and off.

We also put in a floor drain in case of an emergency flooding from the washer.

Guest Bathroom Features Single Control Faucets

In this guest bathroom we installed a single control faucet. We felt like this was a nice looking lab faucet option for what could normally be a standard room.

Two 50-Gallon Water Heaters Needed for Plumbing Large Herriman Home

Because of the extreme size of this home, it was necessary to install two very large 50-gallon water heaters by Bradford White. We plumbed them so that the hot and cold go in and out of the water heaters evenly, so as to not over work one or the other.

“I put in two 50-gallon water heaters because of how big the home was.”

-Rick Gord

This master bathroom features a spectacular shower with a tile seat, perfect sitting or placing a foot for shaving legs.

We installed an expansion tank, which manages the expansion and contraction of the water system. This takes a lot of the strain off of the water heaters, helping the entire system run more smoothly and efficiently.

We also included a recirculation pump, a necessity in a very large house such as this. Without this device it would take minutes for the warm water to reach far away rooms. With the recirculation pump it can shoot warm water to a room in seconds.

Advanced Master Plumbing for Hillside Home

All in all, one can see why these homeowners relied so heavily on premier plumbers like RG Plumbing Inc.

  • One whole floor that doesn’t feed into the sewer, requiring a customized setup with a sewage ejector.
  • A clawfoot tub, requiring a valve installed on the outside brick wall.
  • An antique dresser conversion into a powder bathroom sink application.
  • A customized master shower with two valve options, one hand held with slide bar.
  • Two large water heaters with expansion tank and recirculation pump.
  • Wall mounted pot filler with flexible adjustment.
  • Island kitchen sink with Delta pullout faucet, 1 horse power garbage disposal, and auto vent.
  • High-end Avalanche toilet by Gerber with comfort height and slow-close seat.

If you’ve got a challenging home plumbing installation project in Herriman, South Jordan, or in the Salt Lake area, feel free to call Rick and his team. Our expertise can turn a nightmare new home construction or remodel into a very smooth process.