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Who Said Plumbing is Ugly? Beautify Residential Property With Your Plumber

A great example of how we can turn an ordinary plumbing project, like a new sink installation, into a beautiful addition to your home.

Let’s be honest! When you’re starting to get unhappy with the appearance of your home, whether you’re thinking about remodeling or building something new, you probably don’t think of calling your plumbing contractor first. We understand.

But consider this. Much of the comfort and beauty that we enjoy in our homes comes from our kitchens and bathrooms. Both rooms require extensive plumbing expertise and technical effort. Additionally, you don’t want to trust this vitally important aspect of a construction project to some unknown subcontractor hired by another party.

The same goes for basements, a common section of the home that is included as an unfinished section in new homes in Utah, and later remodeled. Usually when basements are completed, they need a bathroom or two installed. Maybe the owners desire a small kitchen or bar. Or if the home is built on a hill the basement will need a sump pump.

It’s for these reasons that in addition to doing all of the regular plumbing services in homes and businesses that you imagine, we also regularly build basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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Hire the Best Home Plumbing Contractor for Your Project

We know from experience what homeowners here in Utah want from their plumbing contractor:

You want your plumbing construction company to be one of the best in the Salt Lake City area.

You want your plumber to have been in business for many decades, proving over a long time that they can provide quality service to many customers.

Install a luxurious bathtub in in your residence, adding pleasure, beauty, and resale value to your home.

You want a plumbing service that has an awesome reputation in the community.

And you want a company that you can call on in the future for emergency services.

How to Add Luxury and Aesthetic Quality to Your Home

When we think about luxury homes we often immediately think about beautiful furniture, fancy electronic technology, and special theme rooms. These are all wonderful attributes to enjoy in a home.

But it’s often the small pleasures that make a home a wonderful residence to live in.

Wall Mounted Pot Fillers In Large Luxury Kitchens

Very often we see old technologies coming back into vogue because of their practicality in large homes that were once few and far between, but are now more common, especially in Utah.

As many homeowners are incorporating large, almost commercial-size kitchens into their homes, they need specialty features like wall mounted pot fillers. These allow you to fill stockpots on the stove without having to carry a large heavy container to the sink, fill it with water, and then carry it back to the stove.

Invest in a Luxury Bathroom Now Instead of When You Sell

We all know that adding a big beautiful bathroom with all the amenities is one of the smartest ways to invest in your homes. You increase the resale value, and the time that it takes to sell your home.

But too often homeowners make do with a lousy bathroom while they live in the home, and then make the upgrades right before they sell. What a waste!

A homeowner in Herriman found an antique dresser, which we at RG Plumbing Inc. converted into the base of a sink.

Enjoy the pleasures of a luxury bathroom now, while you live in your home! Don’t wait till it’s time to sell.

Slow Closing Toilet Seat

One of the new exciting innovations in toilet technology is the slow closing toilet seat. Have you seen a toilet that you don’t have to touch? Well, it’s been invented. After it’s use, you lightly tap on the seat and it closes by itself. This makes for a much more hygienic bathroom experience in your home.

We also offer a wide variety of sizes of toilets to fit the body types in your family, making the bathroom a truly customized and comfortable experience.

Antique Conversions

A new and very innovative trend we’re seeing in bathrooms is the addition of antique furniture into bathroom applications. Find a dresser that you like at an antique store? We can likely convert it into the base of a sink.

CLICK HERE to see an entire Herriman, Utah project that featured this antique conversion!

Plumbing Isn’t Always Ugly

We often think of plumbing work as ugly and dirty work. There certainly is plenty of that. But much of the construction that we do at RG Plumbing Inc. is providing both luxury and beauty to gorgeous homes. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an older home, calling an experienced plumber should be one of the first steps on your to-do list.

Residential Products and Services We Commonly Provide

There are a wide variety of common features, products, and services that we are asked to install in our customers homes. We also recommend a lot of important products that we’ve seen that previous clients have found to be very helpful.

Kitchen Remodeling and Installation

  • Wall Mounted Pot Fillers
  • Pullout Kitchen Faucets
  • 1 Horse Power Garbage Disposals

Bathroom Remodeling and Installation

  • Clawfoot tubs
  • Antique furniture conversions
  • Large showers with multiple valves, removable shower heads, and seats.

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**Antique Furniture** in Bathroom — PLUMBING Conversion

Laundry Rooms and Closets

  • Pullout Faucets and Sinks
  • Floor Drains
  • Recessed Washer Boxes

Water Heaters

Read More About Installing Water Heaters in Utah Homes

Or watch video:

2 **Water Heaters** for Big SOUTH JORDAN, Utah Homes

Products Featured

  • Dual Water Heaters for Large Homes
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Recirculation Pumps

Garage Sinks

  • Wash Tubs for Cleaning Dogs
  • Sinks and Faucets for Cleaning Shoes and Other Large Items

Special Plumbing Products

  • Sewage Ejectors (Sump Pump)

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