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South Jordan McDonald’s Restaurant Needed Emergency Commercial Plumbing Service

RG Plumbing Commercial South Jordan Project

Completed commercial sink and dishwasher installation and South Jordan McDonald’s.

The advantage of working with a small contracting company like RG Plumbing Inc. is that we can usually respond in an emergency. This South Jordan commercial project at a local McDonald’s is a great example of special types of projects that we excel at! This restaurant needed an experienced plumbing company that could come in quickly and get the job done right.

Even Big Commercial Restaurant Chains Find Themselves in Plumbing Emergencies!

A friend of Dan’s from High School, who works as a supervisor at McDonalds gave us a call recently. A contractor had been hired to do some remodeling work on their South Jordan restaurant, but hadn’t completed some important plumbing in their kitchen. They needed a local plumber that could come in quickly and get the job done.

Although we do a lot of home plumbing work, we have done a lot of commercial plumbing projects over the years and are more than capable of handling a project like this.

Why Call a Local Master Plumber

McDonald's Restaurant Plumbing Project - Before Image

Before image of sink that was removed.

Contractors for big chain restaurants work on really tight schedules. If the products don’t show up when they are expecting, the contractor can often move onto another project at another restaurant, leaving unfinished projects like this.

New Sink, New Dishwasher, and New Plumbing

The fast food restaurant needed it’s sink pulled out and a new dishwasher installed. In this before image you can see what their setup looked like at first.

The sink bays in the new system are bigger and the new dishwasher is a state-of-the art commercial product supplied by Ecolab. To install the new sink and dishwasher Rick had to install new plumbing. The sink also has a new faucet system.

Plumbing Restaurant Sinks and Dishwasher

New Faucet for McDonalds in South Jordan - After ImageTo plumb a project like this we needed to:

  • Cut the water lines coming out of the wall.
  • Disconnect the sink, cleaning everything up.
  • Figure out how the new lines should work.
  • Put the new sink in.
  • Hook everything up.
  • Run new drains.
  • Run new water lines.

South Jordan Restaurant Plumbing Project - After ImageEcolab Commercial Plumbing Products

The products used for the project were supplied by Ecolab, which is commonly used for commercial kitchens like this. This commercial dishwasher runs on 180 degree water.

Commercial Service in a Jiffy

Because of our size and flexibility, we looked at this South Jordan McDonald’s project on Monday and completed it the next day, early in the morning before the restaurant opened. If you’ve got an emergency restaurant or commercial plumbing project feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help.